Creating a request

Finding help on Helpfulpeeps is magical. In a few simple steps, you can create a request that – once approved – is sent directly to neighbours nearby that are best equipped to help.

Let’s find out how to create a request on Helpfulpeeps.

Getting started

To get started, we’ll want to navigate to the Create request screen.

If using the Helpfulpeeps iOS or Android app, head to the Home screen by pressing the Home tab in the bottom left of your screen and then press the Compose icon in the top right of your screen.

If using the Helpfulpeeps website, head to the Home page by clicking the Home tab in the top left of your screen and then press the Create request button below it.

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Creating your request

There’s three steps to creating your request:

  1. Adding the budget for your request
  2. Adding details to your request
  3. Setting the audience for your request

Add a budget to your request

The budget you set when creating your request determines how much money members will earn for their chosen charity when helping. You should choose an amount that is reasonable in exchange for the other person’s time to improve your chances of success. For a guide on what budget to pick, check out the other requests in your feed.

Adding details to your request

Requests on Helpfulpeeps all have a title and a body.

The title is a place for a snappy one-liner that sums up everything you want to ask for succinctly. It’s a way for members scanning their feed to quickly identify what you want and if they can help.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Show me the basics of oil painting
  • Help me clear my mum’s garden
  • Teach me some conversational French before my trip
  • Show me around the city

The body is where you can share the specifics of your request. Imagine you’re back in school and your English teacher is reminding you about the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where and why.

Anything that could help a member determine if they’re a good fit to help is a-ok here. Keep in mind you shouldn’t share any personal information that you wouldn’t want to be public. If something private like a residential address is necessary for the help you need, you can share that later once you’ve received an offer from somebody you feel comfortable with.

Setting the audience of your request

Setting the audience of your request is an important step to improve the chances of finding help.

You can adjust the location of your request and add a tag if you wish.

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To add a tag, start typing in the Relevant tag input. As you type, suggestions will show up at the bottom of the screen. When you see a relevant tag for your request, press it to assign that tag to your request.

You can choose one tag per request and doing so greatly improves the chances of finding help, since it notifies relevant members nearby.

Wait for your request to be moderated

All requests submitted on Helpfulpeeps are moderated by the team against our community guidelines. In short, so long as what you submit is clearly a request and not an offer, and you’re not asking for something illegal or money, it’s probably going to be ok!

The process may take a few hours but it ensures that all requests you see in your feed are in keeping with what you expect to see on Helpfulpeeps.

Once your request has been moderated, you will receive an email confirming it has been approved, or an email with a reason as to why it wasn’t suitable. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Woohoo! Creating a request? Done.

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