Accepting offers

You’ve created a request and a member nearby has offered to help. What’s next?

Accepting help on requests

You’ll be notified when another member offers help through email or push notifications depending on your preferences. A message thread will also be created when any offer is made.

You can accept offers in two places:

  1. From the request screen
  2. From the message thread created when another member makes an offer on your request. This might be a better option if you would like to discuss the request with the other member before accepting

To accept an offer from the request screen, first navigate to your request. The easiest way to do this is by pressing the notification alerting you to a new offer. Alternatively, you can find all of your requests on your Profile in the Requests tab.

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From the request screen, you can press the Review offers button to find all offers and Accept or Decline any given offer quickly.

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Another option is to accept an offer from the message thread. Jump over to the messages screen and find the message with an offer.

alt text

You can accept or decline an offer directly in the message thread by pressing on the Accept or Decline buttons.

If you choose to accept an offer on a paid request, you will be asked for the funds to cover the agreed offer amount. These funds will be drawn from the card that you supply like any other transaction online, but will not be sent to the other member’s chosen charity until you confirm that the request has been completed successfully.

alt text

Helpfulpeeps draws funds at this stage and holds them securely to ensure the money is available to cover the request being completed. If the request does not get completed successfully, you can make a cancellation request, which – once agreed – will see funds returned to you in their entirety.

You’ll know you’ve accepted an offer on a paid request successfully as your request will move to an assigned state – indicated at the top of the request screen.

A new message will also be sent in the associated message thread, informing the other member that you accepted their offer.

alt text

You’ve accepted an offer on Helpfulpeeps! Awesome. Now let the magic of helping begin.

To learn how to mark your request complete, check out our guide.

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