How do I send a message?

All messages on Helpfulpeeps are linked to specific posts/requests so you'll need to head to the Home page to start a conversation via messages. Look for the 'Private message' option on posts in your feed as an alternative way to communicate instead of comments that are public. 

How do I read a conversation?

Once on the Messages page, click on a thread to open a conversation. Remember, each conversations is tied to a specific post so you there's a chance that you could have multiple threads open with the same person (if you are interacting with them on multiple posts).

How do I reply to a message?

Click a thread on the Messages page to open the conversation. In the “Type a message…” field, write out your reply and press the 'Send' button when on a mobile device or simply press the enter key on Desktop to send the message. 

Do I have unread messages?

A blue dot will appear next to the Messages icon at the top of Helpfulpeeps when you have an unread message. The same dot will appear next to the unread thread within the Messages page.

Can I read old messages?

On the Messages page, scroll down through the list of threads to view old conversations. Messages will be available on Helpfulpeeps forever, so you can check back at any time. We will soon be introducing an "archive" feature that will allow you to archive old messages but please bear with us in the mean time. 

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