The feed is an important part of Helpfulpeeps. Here, you’ll find a list of open requests from members nearby, as well as open requests of your own when you create them.

Open requests are those that are yet to receive help.

Which requests show in my feed?

By default, you’ll see all requests within a 25km radius of the location you chose for your profile, sorted in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

How do I access a request?

Your feed shows previews of requests nearby. To access a request so you can make an offer, press on any preview to visit the request screen.

Favours and paid requests

There are two types of requests on Helpfulpeeps: favours and paid requests. 

Favours are requests where members are seeking help for free, or sometimes in exchange for a skill that they can share. The idea is that these members will pay forward the help they receive by helping others in the community.

Paid requests feature a budget. Here, the member is willing to pay in order to receive the help they are looking for.

You can distinguish between favours and paid requests based on the badge that shows on the preview and request screen. Paid requests show the budget that the member chose when creating their request, whilst favours show a simple favour badge.

Can I adjust what’s visible in my feed?

Using filters, you have fine-grained control over what’s shown in your feed, with options to adjust the location, budget and tag associated with requests. To learn more, check our guide on filters.

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