Requests are the lifeblood of the Helpfulpeeps community. They’re an opportunity to make an impact in your local community and the means to find the help you need from your neighbours.

There’s a couple of different types of requests you will find on Helpfulpeeps:

  1. Favours
  2. Paid requests

With the option to create a request with or without a budget, the scope of what’s possible on the platform grows immeasurably.


When members create a request without a budget, the request is labelled as a favour. This signals that they’re looking for help with no expectations of financial reward. The idea is that they’ll pay any help they receive forward by helping others when they can.

Sometimes members might have outlined a skill they can swap in return for the help they receive in the body of their request, so keep an eye out for that.

Paid requests

When members are willing to pay to receive help they add a budget to their request, which is shown to other members in the feed.

Adding a budget to a request allows more complex jobs to be done that extend beyond what is reasonable to ask as a favour. 

Spotting favours and paid requests

Badges on request previews and the request screen highlight whether a request is a favour or a paid request.

Badges on paid requests show the budget that the member chose when creating their request, whilst favours show a simple Favour badge.

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