What is shown in “Your interactions”?

Your interactions will show all posts you've replied to with a comment or private message that are still active. It's a good place to jump back to ongoing conversations.

What is shown in “Your posts?”

Your posts will show all the requests you've made that are yet to be marked complete. 

How long will posts show in “Your posts”?

Your posts will display requests that are yet to be marked complete for 30 days from the point of expiry. You can find all the posts you've ever created on your profile at any time.

Why should I mark a post complete?

Marking a post complete informs us that you have received help and that Helpfulpeeps is working. More importantly though, it enables you to select those who have helped you and gives you the option to leave them a testimonial as "Thank You". They will each receive 500 karma for helping as well 😀

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