Which posts show in my feed?

You’ll find a list of requests from people nearby - initially you will see all posts from within a 25km radius to your location and all posts are sorted based on the most recent at the top. 

Can I adjust my feed?

You have full control over the sorting and filtering of your feed. 

You can widen/narrow location of requests under "filters" to as little as 1km or as much as 100km radius from your location. 

You can also sort requests and re-order them based on 'distance' or 'expiry' of you wish and this can be done in the top left of the Home Page. 

How do I post a request?

Click “Write your request here…” at the top of the Home page to open the composer. Type out your request and tap the Post request button. You'll receive a notification when your post goes live following moderation.

How can I help someone?

You can respond to any post on the Home page with a comment or a private message. Type in the area that says “Write a comment…” under a post or click the Private message button to start get started.

Should I comment or private message?

Comments are a good place to ask for more information from the poster, whilst private messages are best for sharing contact details and chatting.

Why would I like a post?

Liking a post is a way to show appreciation for what the person posting is trying to achieve.

Why would I share a post?

Even if you can't help with a post, you can boost the chances of its success by sharing the post with friends - we have made it super simple for you to do this via Facebook/Twitter with just 1 click. 

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