What is Helpfulpeeps?

Helpfulpeeps is a social marketplace for local help. We have built a community of like-minded people who share their time, skills and knowledge to help each other.

What is Karma?

Karma is your reputation score on Helpfulpeeps, signalling to other members just how helpful you have been on the platform to date.

How do I earn Karma?

The best way to earn karma is by helping someone. On the Home page, comment or private message on posts where you feel you can help. When your actions are marked as helpful, you'll receive 500 karma. You can also earn karma by inviting people to join Helpfulpeeps - you will receive 50 karma per person that you joins.

How can I help someone?

On the Home page or feed, you'll find the latest posts from people asking for help. Start a conversation with a comment or a private message.

How do I post a request?

Once at the top of the Home page, click “Write your request here…”. A composer will then pop open where you can type your request for help.

What happens after I post?

Your post will be moderated by a member of the Helpfulpeeps team (this could take a few hours) and you'll receive an email when it goes live on Helpfulpeeps. You can then sit back and wait for some helpful responses.

What can I do after someone helps me?

Go to the Activity page to mark your post complete. This enables you to select those have helped you, rewarding them with 500 karma and you will have the option to leave them a testimonial as a way of publicly saying "Thank You"

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