When you receive help from members of the community, it feels good to say thank you by rewarding them with Karma points and a testimonial.

To start the process, head to the Activity page. From there, navigate to the Your posts tab. This tab will display any posts that we have created on Helpfulpeeps that are yet to be marked complete.

In the example above, we can see that 2 members of the Helpfulpeeps community have either commented or messaged in response to our post.

When we have received the help we were looking for, we can click the Mark complete button.

We'll then be asked to select the members who helped us from a list of all members who commented or messaged in response to the post.

To select a member, we simply click on their name.

A tick next to a member's name means they helped us. We can select one, all or none of the members from the list and the Confirm button when we are happy with our selection.

As soon as we click Confirm, the members we selected will be awarded Karma points for being so helpful.

As a final step, we'll be taken to a unique page where we can optionally leave a testimonial for some or all of the members we selected.

Clicking the Submit testimonial button submits the testimonial to that member's profile page. Since each testimonial is unique, we press the Submit testimonial button for each of the members that helped (in this case, just once).

Once we're happy with our testimonials, we can navigate away from the screen and the process is complete. We have received the help we were looking for and all the members who helped received Karma points and even a testimonial—awesome!

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